A diesel generator is one of the most practical and useful devices you will ever come across. But do you know the specifications of a diesel generator? Many people are reading this article most probably that they don’t know much about diesel generators. Hence, we will try our best to provide all the relevant information about a generator. This article will explain to you all the aspects you need to know about diesel generators. If you are double-minded about buying one, International Technical Trading Services will assure you if it’s feasible for you to buy one.


You might have come across the term diesel generator but it is possible that you might not know about the complete details of this product. A diesel generator completely works on the principle of conversion. It inputs mechanical energy and converts it into electrical energy. If your area is energy deficient and you are looking for an alternate source of energy, you don’t need to worry anymore. Diesel generator has been designed for the same purpose.

A diesel generator is basically a combination of a diesel engine with an electric generator to generate electricity. The whole process takes place on the principle of conversion. In the areas where electricity is not available or they aren’t given access to the power grid, diesel generator becomes their savior. It has been designed to run on diesel fuel but alternative options are also available.

All of these features and specifications have been designed for user ease. This has been done to provide a wide user experience and to facilitate the user as much as one can. A diesel generator is a specified case and provides you with electricity. It is widely used in many platforms and many offices including domestic uses. People have started to rely on this alternative source of energy more. Sometimes, the power goes off which results in the halt of your operations. This can be crucial. Hospitals do require a constant source of electricity to avoid patients from suffering.

This is the reason that people have started to buy the diesel generator UAE as they like a backup. Backup should always be present because you can be uncertain about the situation at times. So, if you are looking for an alternative source of energy, you have got your escape. Such diesel generators are ideal for places where the power falls short or inaccessible. It can be used for both business and domestic purposes. For perfect results, the perfect sizing of the diesel generator is very important. You need to check out all the features and functions of a diesel generator before you opt for one.

In this scenario, the best thing to do is to analyze. Go through it thoroughly that what do you require the most and where are you lacking at. Find the diesel generator which has embedded those specifications inside to relieve you from this tragedy. A variety of generators are present in the market. This has been done to provide maximum user experience with as many features as possible.


You must be thinking that the diesel generator UAE is efficient and swift. What makes it do that? What is the basic construction of this product and what elements have been housed in it for perfect results? Well,  it comes with various components that team up to provide efficiency. It is not a one element army but they have to combine up to give the results. The reason behind this logic is that it works on the principle of conversion, which means that specific energy needs to be collected, converted, and dissipated. You will find several elements in the construction of this diesel generator and the list of these elements are as follows:

Starter Motor

Starter Motor Generator

A permanent magnet or a series-parallel starter motor has been housed in the construction of this diesel generator. It has been wound direct current electric motor with a starter solenoid that has been mounted on it. It functions as soon as the current is applied to the solenoid with the help of a starting battery. It has been operated using a key-operated switch. A lever is engaged by the solenoid that pushes itself out of the drive pinion housed on the driveshaft to perform the required function.


Generator Flywheel

A flywheel is a rotating or spinning machine that stores rotational energy. The rotation in turn causes mechanical energy and it already has been blessed with enough amount of inertia. This has been done to provide a balance and to resist the changes in the rotational speed. Balance makes the whole game. A flywheel is present for three main reasons. It provides continuous energy when the energy source is not continuous.

It also delivers energy beyond the ability of the energy source. It also collects energy in the flywheel over time and releases it quickly. Apart from these functions, a flywheel is present to control the total orientation of the system. Angular momentum is very necessary when you are experiencing subjects like torque, inertia, and rotation. This momentum is thereof provided by the flywheel to continue the effective and continuous operations throughout the cycle.


diesel generator alternator

You might have come around this term often. It is basically an electromagnetic device whose main purpose is conversion. It converts mechanical energy into electrical energy and is the core element housed in the construction of the diesel generator. It uses alternating current to carry on with its processes. It is shaped just like a disc and is expected to be flexible in structure. This is done so that it has the ability to cope up with the changes under high torque loads.


As the name indicates, the rotor is not stationary. Its purpose is to move and rotate. It rotates and moves between the wires and the magnetic field. They have been arranged in such a perfect axis to provide the maximum and necessary torque which will be required to carry on the processes. The stationary part of the diesel generator is the stator and they both rotate at the same time and the same speed.


To accompany the rotor, a stator is also present in the structure of this generator. As the name implies, it is stationary. Since the rotor rotates, so the stator keeps its position constant and static. It is mostly found in electric motors, electric generators, and biological rotors. It may also act as a field magnet depending upon the configuration of the spinning electromotive device.

Terminal Block

Diesel Generator Terminal Block

The terminal block is a type of electrical connector. The wire is clamped down using a screw to the metal and stripped off. It is bent in a U or a J shaped wire which mostly fits around the shaft of the screw. Using the terminal’s alternative block, the electricity is transmitted through the cables.

Control Panel

Control Panel

To maintain and monitor the features of this diesel generator, a control panel is present. It is the brain of the entire system and controls all the aspects of it. Upon its signal, the motor gets started.

Circuit Breaker

Generator Circuit Breaker

Overloading or short-circuiting is a fear and it can attack the system of the generator anytime. To save it from any type of accident, a circuit breaker is present. It is an automatically operated switch and works on its own. It acts as a protective sheet to the system and protects it from any kind of damage or discrepancy. As soon as it detects a fault in the system, it interrupts the continuous flow of electricity and hence shuts down the operations of the generator.

Circuit breakers are made in various sizes to suit the generator’s needs. They can fit in with any electrical appliance and perform the same function. You will see these attached to most of the appliances in your house.


Diesel generator UAE cannot function without a battery. It is considered to be its main component and its function is to supply electric energy to the power source. The starter motor and the control panel of the generator work on its presence. Without a battery, nothing is functional – not even your control panel.

Diesel generator Battery

Cooling System

Generator Cooling System

A diesel generator in UAE is surrounded by multiple and heavy functions. It’s all about the conversion and dissipation of different forms of energy. Chances are that the system might heat up and ignite which can be hazardous. To save the irregularity of the system, a cooling mechanism is present in the structure of the diesel generator. Engine coolant is a liquid present in the cooling system and its function is to cool down all the internal combustion. It runs through the engine block and is mostly water-based. In rare cases, you might find it composed of oil as well.

To force it to circulate, a water pump is employed in the system, and to force the air through the radiator an axial fan is present.

Hot air is blown out of the engine using the fan and towards the chamber where the coolant gets adequate time to cool itself.


Generator Fan

A fan is termed as the rotating arrangement of air blades and is housed in a case. Its main purpose is to cool down the entire system and to process the operations with ultimate perfection. It is mostly protected and performs the cooling operations of the system with ultimate grace.

Coolant Tank

Coolant Tank

Reactions always invite overheating. When chemical reactions are taking place, the system of the product can overheat. To prevent overheating, coolant is present. It is a fluid that is present to prevent overheating in the system. It transfers the heat produced by the main device to other carrier devices. This way the heat is transferred slowly and gradually and the system is prevented from overheating.

An ideal coolant has many different specifications. It has a high thermal capacity, low viscosity, cheap, and is not toxic. To avoid any sort of chemical reaction, it is chemically inert. It does not promote the corrosion of the cooling system and makes it safe and durable to use.

Water Pump

Generator Water Pump

To carry on with the operations and the procedures of the process, a water pump is present in the structure. It is present in the system for the movement of the fluids such as liquids. It also helps the generator to vibrate without transmitting the vibrations.


Diesel generator UAE is used worldwide in many different aspects and different places. People use it for both domestic and business purposes. You will often observe it placed nearby some construction site where the power grid is inaccessible. This helps to supply an adequate supply of electricity to the destination.

  • Buildings – In case when the construction projects become complicated and complex, there are changes of insufficient power supply or inaccessible power grids. The construction sites are ideally a bit far from the residential areas. At such places, the diesel generator UAE is widely used and accepted. They are capable to supply enough electricity to work through the complete process.
  • Data Center – The presence of heavy machinery means adequate use of electricity while having an adequate supply of it. In such situations, there are chances of power falling short so a backup is required. This is done to run the affairs and the operations effectively without any sort of interruption. Diesel generator UAE is used at such places and scenarios.
  • Logistics – Logistics is termed as one of the most important aspects. Countries earn the help of their transportations and logistics centers. To keep up with the operations effectively, a diesel generator is used in such disciplines.

Diesel generator UAE can be called as very practical and efficient devices. It is reliable and swift. If you are working in a setup where you don’t want an uninterrupted flow of electric current, it is advised to have a backup in the form of a diesel generator. If you are thinking to buy one but still not sure if it’s worth your money, we can assure you that it won’t disappoint you. After reading the whole article, you must have made up your mind about whether to go for it or not.