ITTS manufactures IP55-rated Switch Gears which Include the Synchronization panel, automatic transfer switches, etc. The rating ot these switch gears vary from 13Amps to 3200Amps. The industries where cyclic running is required generators with an IP55 Synchronization panel are the best option for that. Main Applications for IP55 Enclosure are

  • Industrial
  • Automation
  • VDI
  • Electrical

ITTS panels have the following characteristics.


IP55 Free Standing Enclosure can bear heavy devices thanks to its fully welded extra-resistant carcass system and surface panels.


Protection against dust and water through its gasket structure on fully detachable side, front, rear, and bottom panels.


The standard front door model is of a metal frame, 4mm, tempered, antistatic, smoothed, and of high fracture resistance.


In order to ensure continuity of grounding there is provided connection terminals on each panel.