Perkins, working together with Kanoo, lead innovation within the Power Sector Perkins Engines Company Limited, together with Kanoo Plant & Machinery, are proud to introduce an innovative way to provide useful engine information reliably and seamlessly to all Perkins Diesel engine users, in the Middle East. International Technical Trading Services (ITTS), a Sharjah-based original equipment manufacturer (OEM), using Perkins diesel engines supplied by Kanoo, now offer Perkins SmartCap with their generators. “The YBA Kanoo Group, along with our exclusive regional distribution partners, Perkins, are excited to offer this new innovative product, to better support our valued customers,” said Kanoo Industrial & Energy Executive General Manager Fergus Burke,. The Perkins SmartCap works in conjunction with the Perkins My Engine App, which is free to download for IOS and Android platforms. “The Perkins SmartCap is the world’s first low cost, engine level telematics device,” said Kanoo Machinery Regional Power Manager Graeme De Villiers. “It’s incredibly simple to use, as it is a replacement oil filler cap which monitors your engine and can be added to both mechanical and electronic engines to give users useful engine information directly to their phone.”