Oil and gas is the major industry in the energy sector and plays a huge role in driving the world economy. For the oil and gas industry, power generators are a key element.

These generators Provide Key Power Power during Upstream, Mid steam, and downstream process. The procedure of both drilling and digging is key to this industry, and power is needed to provide service to heavy equipment. With the help of power generators, this can be achieved efficiently and also help to ensure that no power loss will be suffered. A lot of complex processes are involved in the oil and gas industry, such as drilling, pumping, and l delivery of the finished product. Large companies really rely on these generators in order to maintain a steady, reliable business operation.

In today’s Oil and gas industry cost efficiency is the major stakeholder in the choice of different power options. Diesel generators are the first choice of the oil and gas industry in terms of cost and reliability as diesel generators can start and take a full load in 10 seconds. Being Surrounded by the OPEC countries ITTS is Playing its role by Providing diesel Generators to the oil and gas industry that are robust, efficient, and can withstand hazardous conditions. ITTS Generators are met all the standards of the oil and gas sector. ITTS also provide Customized generators specifically for humidity, high temperature, and corrosive environment in the oil and gas sector.