ITTS has the right experience of providing solutions to their customers. We have the skills of vast fault detection and resolution from years of service in the field. Since 2009 ITTS has been covering thousands upon thousands of generator faults and major breakdowns. One problem after the other always gets fixed, in fact we have many up and coming companies always seeking our help when their stuck but we’re only mentioning that because we accept to offer our help to everyone.
There’s a core belief at ITTS, that we must help the client in every way, in the best way, in the fastest way. We take measures to be certain that the client never loses hope in ITTS. People are realizing that ITTS is here for the last 9 years because of their service and reputation. ITTS is the dealer for Perkins and selling Perkins Diesel Power brand in the GCC and Middle East/Africa region. Perkins Generator in UAE have been thriving as the engine is one of top 3 brands globally. It is one of the most successful brands in the Diesel Generator market not only because of continuous availability but also after-market support. Maintenance, warranty coverage, and overhauling are all a breeze. The parts are always in high stock and companies in UAE tend to use generators as an everyday commodity.
There are always challenges to face in the market but we never compromise our integrity. It can be alluring to dupe the common consumer and make big gains but that practice rarely lasts long and can lead to huge losses down the line. ITTS has been staying firm and steady in the market because we don’t resort to unethical practices of under-rating or fake origin materials. We always sell to the client what we mention in our invoices and always have the supplier proofs to back up. UAE can be a tough market to enter into but the customers always wind up to the good suppliers sooner or later. The hustlers sometimes make it big but they fall down just as hard and then there is no trace of them.
ITTS is becoming the name people rely on in the GCC and hope to grow further globally.