Anyone working within the telecom industry understands that one of their greatest challenges is keeping cell tower sites powered and in service. To keep messages and vital data getting through phone lines, you need backup and standby generators designed and installed specifically for this purpose.

ITTS can provide diesel and natural gas generators to provide the standby power needed for cell towers. ITTS can also provide generators paired with sound-attenuated enclosures that reduce the noise levels for city or urban cell tower locations. We can also provide extreme weather-resistant enclosures if your tower is in an area that’s often subject to a variety of weather events. solutions for Telecom Industry;

  • Special insulation options to avoid dust, heavy rain, and exterior temperature effects
  • Remote monitoring (GSM and Internet Based)
  • Oil pan, battery, control panel, filter, and alternator heaters
  • Electronic fuel and oil level sensors
  • Automatic oil and fuel refilling
  • Special trailer design for the mobile base stations
  • High-capacity fuel tanks
  • Synchronization with the grid
  • Special windowed door design enables to monitor control panel easily
  • Full Anti-theft feature
  • High-quality battery group delivering power for a longer time