International Technical Trading Services FZC started out as a trader but grew into something much more. The humble beginnings have gone from a few guys trading materials and doing service to selling in millions and overlooking the UAE/GCC market.

ITTS has at the helm, technical experts in their respective areas. Each one controlling their respective area and providing the support to drive the company forward. We give expert consultation on generator installation, mechanical and electrical. Based on the site requirement our engineers advise the correct solution to the problems our clients face. Diesel Generator Site installations can range from simple generator termination connection to a complete setup with Fuel tanks and automatic control of fuel inflow and automatic switchgear installation and settings. We generally don’t do any civil related works at the site but out consultation is free.

We also customize the generator set itself. The canopy can be shaped any way required, either for looks or for technical purposes. We also cut the shapes for logo designs, site identification numbers, company names etc.  The fuel tank can be adjusted to be taller for long running hours if the site is requiring less interaction with personnel. Compact canopies are always a requirement for small sites. Mobile units for towing and with stopping jacks. Air inlets and discharge can be covered sufficiently for ingress protection from dust and rain in sites with bad weather.

We have the means to fabricate special designs.