Perkins Diesel Generator UAE

Electricity is one of the best discoveries of science and it’s a blessing that is supplied to each and every
household of the world. The houses that are not yet blessed with this technology don’t even know what
they are missing and are still living in the stone age. We take this blessing for granted as it has enriched
itself in every aspect of our life that we cannot get rid of it now. Now all we went is the continuous
supply of electricity without any breaks or faults or even low supply.

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For a nonstop and effective supply of electricity, generators are being used all across the globe and they
too definitely are the most amazing scientific discovery of all time. Generators are usually run on diesel
or even petrol as they produce constant supply of electricity that can be used effectively during power
outages. For the countries that face frequent power outages, diesel generators are an amazing tool that
help us achieve our goals and ambitions without any breaks or without any interruptions. These
generators supply electricity just like the original electricity and work amazingly.

Perkins Diesel Generator UAE

Perkins is a leading diesel generator company that produces heavy duty diesel generators that provide
uninterrupted electricity supply to its customers. The engines installed in the Perkins diesel generators
are durable and reliable and work efficiently with diesel that is light to the environment and healthy too.
These diesel generators have 3 cylinders and weighs about 270kgs. These Perkins Diesel Generator Rental might become heavy on your budget, but they will provide you with ease and reliability.

For a country like UAE where everything runs on electricity, you need such heavy-duty diesel generators
for uninterrupted electrical supply, so you can easily get your work done and live in luxuries. But we
know that some people might not be able to afford those heavy-duty generators, so we bring you with
an effective solution for that. You can also rent these heavy-duty diesel generators if you don’t want
them to be too heavy on your pockets. Rental can be hard for other companies but not us. We will
provide you these Perkins diesel generators for rent and you can pay a smaller amount and keep them
for a limited time.

Whether it be a small occasion, a dinner party, or a large-scale event. You can rent these generators
from us as we will also supply you with 24/7 customer service and in case of any emergency, we will be
available to resolve your problems. Technicians will reach your place whether it be in different areas of
UAE, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, AL Ain, and Ras al Kamiah, we will send technicians and will
provide you with our high-quality diesel generators rental services.

Fuel efficiency, modern build quality, wide range and easy availability of services are the bench marks of PERKINS engines. MULTILINE imports all Perkins engines from Peterborough UAE factory and guarantees UAE origin for both engine and alternators for Perkins powered generating sets.

Complete range is available with or without sound proofing. We offer synchronizing panels, customized ATS Panels, containerized canopies and a lot more with our Perkins range of products.

Primarily a diesel engine manufacturer for several markets including Agricultural, Construction, Material Handling, Power Generation and Industrial.

Established in Peterborough in 1932. Over the years Perkins has expanded its generator engine range and produces thousands of different generator engine specifications including diesel and gas generator engines.
For 75 years Perkins has led the field in design and manufacture of high-performance diesel generator engines.
Continuous development programmes allows us to offer one of the most advanced and comprehensive ranges of diesel generators available.  Engines and alternators are backed by an international warranty.


Engine Charge alternator 12 V

Single bearing alternator IP 23 , insulation class H

40℃ radiator as standard, 45℃ is optional, water-cooled

Skid and vibration isolators

Dry type air filter, Main line circuit breaker

Microprocessor control panel, Key start panel be optional

4 pole MCB, 12 V battery, rack and cable

8-hour operation base tank

Special Integrated Steel Base tank and sprayed overall in gloss enamel pain

Optional soundproof or weatherproof canopy, Industrial or residential silencer be optional

Reliable Performance Reliable Performance

Voltage Regulation

Voltage regulation maintained within ±0.5% as follow :

  • Between 0.8 and 1.0 lagging and unity
  • From no load to full load
  • At speed droop variation up to 4.5%

Frequency Adjustable Ratio

  • Change load from 0-100%, within 1.0% (electric speed regulator), within 4.5% (mechanical speed regulator)

Frequency Undulation

  • Load from 0-100%, Frequency undulation within 0.25%
  • No load wire volts max undulation ratio within 1.8%
  • Three phrase balanced load in the order of 5%

Effect factor of telecom

  • TIF better than 50
  • THF to BS4999 Part 40 better than 2%


  • In compliance with BS800 and VDE levels G and N


Compact and Efficient Power

The Perkins 1100 Series family was developed following an

intensive period of customer research. The 3.3 and 4.4 liter

engines feature new cylinder blocks which ensure bore

roundness is maintained under the pressures of operation, as

well as significantly reducing mechanical and combustion


Cleaner and Quieter Power

The refined structure of the 1100C range leads to an

exceptionally low noise signature. To meet environmental

needs swirl conditioned air is delivered through the new

cross-flow cylinder head, and burns cleanly with the high

pressure fuel from an advanced technology rotary pump.

Quality by Design

Class A manufacturing improvements ensure that product

reliability meets the high standards demanded by customers.

Product design is focused




STAMFORD NEWAGE has a long history of producing

high-quality reliable products for the power generation

market. Their portfolio of high quality generator ends is

recognized as an industry standard.

Alternator Technical Data

Stamford AC alternator

Brushless, self exciting

Class ‘H’ insulation

Standard degree of protection is IP23

Self regulating

With fan cooling

Resist humid grease

AC excitation, rotating rectification tube

Stator grease insulation covered

Rotator and excitation high polymer

Resist the corruption of oil and acid.

Rotator balance is in accordance with BS5625 standard 12.5

High-quality lubrication sealed long-time bearing

Rotator silicon steel close tight

Standard C Standard Control Function

► Manual Engine Control Module

► Low Oil Pressure

► High Engine Temperature

► Auxiliary Shutdown

► Overspeed Protection

► Protection hold-off timer

► Charge Failure warning


Fuel System Options

Low fuel level shutdown

Engine Oil Heater

Manual Sump Oil Drain Pump


Circuit Breaker MCCB & ACB

Mains auto-charger

Auto Transfer Switch

Voltage Connections

277/480V,3 Phase

254/440V,3 Phase

240/416V,3 Phase

230/400V,3 Phase

220/380V,3 Phase

127/220V,3 Phase

115/200V,3 Phase

110/190V,3 Phase

Exhaust Options

Exhaust Silencer-industrial(9dB),In-Line

Exhaust Silencer-Residential (25dB),In-line

Flexible and fixing kit for industrial silencer

Flexible and fixing kit for Residential silence


Mobile Sets /Trailer

Weatherproof/Acoustic Enclosures

Control Panels

Earth Fault Relay

Remote Monitor Interface

Protection for Alarm Module & Auxiliary Relay

Parallel control panels

Miscellaneous Options

Coolant heater-240/120V

Battery Charger 110-277V,3A

PCC2100 with barograph

Earth Fault Relay

Packing-Export Box